Advanced Audio & Video is an importer, distributor and marketer specialized in Hi-Fi and Video audio equipment solutions. Our portfolio includes a wide selection of excellent products from the best brands that enjoy worldwide recognition, these brands have been carefully chosen and include speakers, stereo electronics, multichannel audio / video receivers, hearing aids, portable audio players, audio accessories and video, isolation and acoustic treatment devices, video projection equipment in brands such as: Focal, Yamaha, Dali, Marantz, ELAC, Klipsch, Cambridge Audio, SVS, Music Hall, Ortofon, Ifi Audio, Sennheiser, Wireworld Cable, Isoacoustics, Tributaries Cable, Sonitus Acoustics, Epson and Optoma. We offer all the necessary products for a complete solution to our clients, whether it is a Home Cinema lover, an experienced audiophile or an amateur interested in learning more about this incredible world. We have products that adapt to the most varied tastes, needs and preferences of our customers.

Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the products we offer is first class, we have more than 20 years of accumulated real experience in design of audio and video solutions (domestic, residential and commercial), and of course a retail commercial experience that helps us to approach the client and makes us aware of their needs and expectations. Advanced Audio & Video has accumulated an enviable reputation throughout its years of work in Peru, consolidating quickly as one of the most important companies in the sector, this has validated the recognition of the main international brands and distributors for being a serious company that risks and bets for the growth of the liking to the good audio and video in Peru.

In Advanced Audio & Video we continue to grow based on the effort and support of our dealers nationwide, in addition to Lima, we have concentrated efforts to support the dealers of the cities of the interior so that they can have demonstration rooms and thus lovers of good audio and video throughout the country can test the equipment and achieve a better purchase decision.


To be recognized as the leading company in Peru in the representation, distribution and marketing of equipment and audio solutions in Hi-Fi and Video in the best brands.


Satisfy the needs of our customers above their expectations, providing products and solutions of quality and excellence in service, facilitate the professional development of our employees, generate sustained growth of the company and value for our shareholders.