At Advanced Audio & Video we import, distribute and market the best Hi-Fi and Video audio brands. Our portfolio includes a wide selection of excellent products from brands that enjoy worldwide recognition and prestige. The solutions we offer include speaker equipment, stereo electronics, multi-channel audio / video receivers, personal audio players and headphones, audio and video accessories, sound insulation and treatment devices, video projectors and video projection equipment in brands such as : Focal, Yamaha, Dali, Marantz, ELAC, Klipsch, Cambridge Audio, SVS, Music Hall, Ortofon, Ifi Audio, Sennheiser, Wireworld Cable, Isoacoustics, Tributaries Cable, Sonitus Acoustics, Epson and Optoma. Our goal is to offer our customers all the necessary products for a complete solution, whether it is a Home Cinema lover, an experienced audiophile, or an amateur interested in learning more about this incredible world. We have products that adapt to the most varied tastes, needs and preferences of our customers.